A Dog A Day by Sally Muir

April 17, 2019

Every so often a book crosses our desk that makes us sit up and savor the pure deliciousness of its content. A new pocket-size collection of dog portraits by artist Sally Muir has done just that. A Dog A Day by Sally Muir (HarperCollins) features 365 charming portraits of Muir’s favorite four-legged companions drawn from the artist’s popular “Dog a Day” Facebook page.

Sally Muir’s debuted her “Dog a Day” project on Facebook in 2013: “My name is Sally Muir and this is a new gallery where I will add a dog drawing/painting every day, adding up to a massive 365-day dogfest.” The world soon fell in love with these beautiful portraits, depicted in a range of mediums—from loosely worked sketches, prints, and charcoal drawings to oil paintings and lithographs. The artwork is accompanied by short anecdotes throughout, reflecting on the dogs’ goofy, loyal and spunky dispositions.

We found A Dog A Day charming and irresistible, and recommend this delightful collection for anybody seeking an art filled gift for Mother’s Day.

SOURCE: https://thebark.com/content/dog-day-sally-muir