Day 2 of Twelve Big Beautiful Days of Christmas Corgis!

December 28, 2018

Wren and Avery

Santa Sid says Merry Christmas to all his Corgi buddies!

Bucky Herr and you-know-who.

Shopping is done, presents are wrapped, and Watson is ready for Christmas.

Emma looking fashionable in her scarf.

Kiki and her Mom getting ready for the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade!

Toby did not care for the festive headgear.

L to R: River, Abby, Eliza, Ula and Bellatrix the resident Leonberger

Merry Corgi Christmas from Zelda Blue, Martini and Izzy!

Pablo the Gingerbread Corg



Miss Rayne and pals

Kaylee and Bella are super happy about their headwear. (Nope!)

Sherlock von Stumpsville

🎶 Oh, Corgmas tree. Oh, Corgmas tree

How stumpy are your branches.🎶

New jammies for Maggiemoo Corgirrific

“Yes, Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year!” Murray is hoping for lots of toys and treats under the tree.

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