Frosty Watermelon Dog Treat Recipe

June 11, 2019

Watermelon has to be my favorite summertime treat. For a few months out of the year, I unabashedly gorge on this sweet melon until my insides could explode. Oscar loves watermelon, too – this got me thinking about a bite-sized treat that would cool him off and wouldn’t leave my floor a sticky mess. Ta da – the Frosty Watermelon Dog Bones Recipe was born. Now I can nom on my watermelon undisturbed while Oscar is kept busy with his frozen treat.

We’ve also included a how-to video – you can find it below the complete recipe.

A quick and easy 3-ingredient frozen dog treat that beats the heat!Makes 30 treats


2 cups seedless watermelon (pureed)

1 cup coconut water or milk

1 tablespoon honey (optional)


  1. Scoop out watermelon – it must be seedless. Remove seeds if any, but save yourself the trouble and buy a seedless watermelon. Add to blender and puree until smooth.
  2. Add coconut water/milk (I used milk with the treats pictured here) and honey to blender and pureed watermelon. Blend well.
  3. Pour into ice cube trays and cover with plastic wrap or bag to avoid spillage. If you’re using hard plastic ice cube trays, you’re safe from most spillage. But if you’re like me and used silicone bone molds, you’ll need something flat to lay them on. If you don’t, you’re looking at a sticky mess on your floors and freezer. Before you pour, put the silicone mold on something flat that you can move to your freezer, like a cutting tray or a piece of cardboard. Instead of lifting and placing just the flexible silicone mold, you can pick up the stable surface area instead.
  4. Freeze overnight.
  5. To remove from tray, let sit on counter for a few minutes to loosen frozen treat. Twist tray to remove treat from mold.

Note:It is important that you remove any seeds that are in the watermelon, and remove the rind completely from the watermelon that you are using to make this dog treat. If your dog were to eat too many of the seeds, they might end up causing an intestinal blockage, which is serious. And if your dog chews on the rind, it might result in gastrointestinal upset. Not good! This is why I prefer just purchasing the seedless watermelons that are available, as doing so makes it a lot easier for me to prepare a safe and tasty treat for my pet.

Not all human foods, including fruits, are appropriate and safe for dogs to consume, but watermelon is one that is certainly a nice treat that you can give your dog every now and then, especially during the hot summer months.

What are the benefits of watermelon for dogs? Well, one nice thing about this fruit is the fact that it is mostly water—92% water, to be exact—so it is a yummy way to help ensure your dog remains hydrated when the temperature rises. Packing some of these watermelon treats in a little cooler whenever you are on the go with your pooch can be a quick and easy way to give him a refreshing, hydrating treat when he needs it.

On top of that, watermelon is low in calories, with only around 50 calories in a cup of this delicious melon. Plus, there isn’t any fat in this fruit either. This means that adding it to your dog’s diet likely won’t have a negative impact on the number of calories that your dog should be consuming daily to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight.

It doesn’t stop there either. Despite being low in calories, watermelon is high in various nutrients that your dog’s body needs to thrive. These include vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin A. This is another reason why we love this treat recipe so much, as there are a lot of dog treats on the market that contain some undesirable ingredients, so this is a nice homemade alternative for summertime.

Who knows, maybe your dog will love these frosty watermelon treats as much as mine does. You won’t know until you try! And because this recipe is super easy, with just a few simple steps to follow, you can whip it up in no time at all, especially when you are busy. And these treats are perfect for backyard get-togethers and summer picnics at the park with your dog, too!

If your pooch is the type that loves eating watermelon every chance he gets, definitely let him try this homemade treat. It will allow him to reap all of the benefits of watermelon in a juicy, refreshing, and nutritious way, and it will help him stay cool even on the hottest summer days.

Watch the Dog Treat DIY video:

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