Greis – 5 month old female Cross-Breed

October 29, 2018

Greis is a 5 month old female Cross-Breed. A perfect dog, the best companion a person or family could have. Greis was rescued with her siblings some days after being born. All of them have already been adopted, but Greis’s family refuses to appear, something that we can barely understand. She is a small dog with her own style, with her little teeth protruding a bit outside her mouth and those pointed little ears that make her completely adorable, unique and peculiar. She lives with dogs and cats, some of which are bigger than her.

The most outstanding thing about Greis is that she is a very good girl and such a loving dog. Meeting her means loving her. She is currently in foster care in Northern Spain but ready to travel to her forever home in UK. Greis is microchipped, vaccinated, fully health checked and come with a full passport. Due to her age, she is not yet neutered and this will be a requirement of his adoption.