Jonathan – 5 month old male Saluki cross Lurcher

July 5, 2019

Jonathan is a five month old Saluki cross Lurcher. He is growing at quite a rate, and is going to be a big lad as he matures. Jonathan is a joy to have around and is currently in foster with several sighthounds both male and female. He will happily sleep downstairs with the other dogs and he can also be left for a couple of hours with the other dogs without issue, he tends to sleep.

Jonathan must go to a home with another Hound or Hounds, he really does need another Hound with him and to somebody preferably with prior Saluki or Saluki Cross experience. He is in the inquisitive puppy stage where he is curious about everything and as such, we would like him to go to a home where he has canine company and human company most of the time for his socialisation and development. After food, sleep and exercise, as with all youngsters he must have regular access to outside to maintain his housetraining and to ensure he remains clean in the home.

Jonathan loves his toys and happily plays either by himself or with the other dogs and he adores being in the garden and helping out digging and generally pottering about and sunbathing! Jonathan is an active little chap and has quite a lot of energy but also likes his sleep after walks and playtimes. He hasn’t had a huge amount of socialisation prior to coming to us so this is something we are working on and will need to be continued to ensure he develops into a contented adult dog. Jonathan has been fundraising to pets at home and coped very well with everything going on around him, he has also learnt to walk on a lead and is now taking traffic and larger vehicles in his stride, whereas to start he was frightened of most things.

We would like any potential adopters to keep up regular walks for his socialisation and to take him to puppy training classes where he can meet lots of dogs in a controlled environment without big dogs running up to him and possibly frightening him and making him wary of bigger dogs.
Jonathan is vaccinated, flead and wormed and microchipped. He must be neutered as he matures, and this will be discussed and a written guarantee given that this will be done.

Jonathan can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.