Newfie Ghosts Gone Wrong. Blooper Reel!

October 31, 2018

I’m one of those people who has never learned to stop while she’s ahead.

I have to push my luck at the very last minute.

Perhaps it’s the way that my brain is wired, it’s a little delayed at times and it works best under pressure.

I’m fully aware of that and so is everyone around me.

That’s why no one in the house was surprised when I came home yesterday with two white tablecloths to use to make Sherman and Leroy ghosts.

I know that I already did Leroy’s costume and that I said that Sherman doesn’t participate in dressing up.

I know that everything went way too well with Leroy and that I should of let it be.

I should have been done with Halloween costumes last week.


But then the silly idea popped into my head yesterday morning to dress the boys up as chocolate ghosts.

That’s the first wrong move that I made.

The second was buying tablecloths instead of sheets. I couldn’t find anywhere that had cheap white sheets and I wasn’t about to pay $50 for a pair of sheets that I was going to cut up.

Actually, I would have but my husband probably wouldn’t have been happy about that and since Leroy broke his side of the couch last week I thought I would err on the side of caution and try not to tick him off.

So instead I want with the white tablecloths for $1.

The third mistake was when I cut the first set of eye holes too big.

They were ginormous eye holes and as soon as the cloth went over Leroy’s head he stepped on it and ripped the eye holes making it basically a giant head hole.

I learned my lesson with that one and cut Sherman’s eye holes way too small.

Which brings me to the fourth mistake.

Thinking both boys would totally cooperate for 10 seconds while I tried to get a picture.

Sherman acted like he was a turtle and tucked under the sheet totally losing the eyes and the nose.

He started to emerge after he heard the word treat

And his eyes and nose finally came through as I offered to place a treat inside his mouth but he looked like a melting snowman instead of a ghoulish goblin.

No surprise that Leroy was in shambles from the get-go.

I had taped the eyes back together……..

But everything was a mess.

He immediately lost his site because he wouldn’t sit still and the eye holes moved and his nose wound up sticking through the eye hole instead of the nose hole.

And he was trying to find the light…………….or the cookie…………….

He shook and he shook and finally, everything fell back in place but the tablecloth was destroyed.

So my chocolate ghosts look more like sad furry bears wearing a wrinkled tablecloth but the whole scene had me laughing for hours.

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a spooktacular day!

p.s. No Newfies were harmed in the making of this post and Sherman does not appear to need therapy for wearing a tablecloth for 5 minutes.

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