Romeo – 12 year old male Doberman

October 26, 2018

Romeo is a 12 year old male Doberman. Handsome boy Romeo is sadly looking for a new home as his owner is emigrating and feels it is unfair to put him through the long flight given his age. Romeo has spent all of his life living on a farm, having had free run to roam around and sleep in the barns at night. Therefore he has never lived in a home environment before and may take time to adjust to this, however we are sure that he will appreciate some home comforts in his golden years.

Romeo had lived with his brother all of his life up until 2 years ago when he sadly passed away. However he has not had much interaction with other dogs outside of the farm and can be alert on walks but has never shown any aggression towards them. He will chase cats and is very interested in small animals, always following his nose on walks! For this reason his owner has never let him off lead as she feels he will not have good recall. He can enjoy digging so will need a home where this will not be an issue. Despite his age Romeo looks fantastic! He is in great health apart from a fatty lump and a very slight heart murmur. He is a beautiful, friendly boy with a placid, easy going temperament. He is super affectionate and enjoys cuddles.

Romeo is used to visiting children but has never lived with any so we are looking for a home with older, sensible children. He will be best suited to a home where he can be the only pet and preferably with someone around for most of the day.

We desperately hope that this beautiful boy will find a loving retirement home where he can spend the rest of his life being doted on. He will make such a loyal companion.