Wilson – 4 year old male Griffon Hound

May 14, 2019

Wilson is a 4 year old male Griffon Hound. He is very good with dogs and cats, very sweet to be with and loves nothing more than a tummy rub and the corner of a slice of toast! He loves people he can very slightly timid of them from a difficult start to life. He is in no way aggressive and loves children but prefers to stay out of the way if they are playing or noisy. For his own benefit he can only go to a home with no children, sadly we cannot accept inquiries otherwise, although visiting children is fine.

He really is just a lovely, soft boy, much older in his ways than his actual four years and very happy with a soft bed and plenty of love. He does not go off lead as he doesn’t like being on his own and prefers to be with you on the lead. He walks very well, no pulling at all. He is a gentle walker, prefers a short quiet roam through the countryside to a long hike. He needs a good size fully enclosed garden to enjoy as he loves his time outdoors in the sun. He can be left on his own happily with no separation anxiety.

He would very much suit a retired couple who are looking for a good natured and steady dog for walks and company. He is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations and has his pet passport. He has no health needs.

SOURCE: http://www.dogsblog.com/wilson-27/