Lily Mae – 3 year old female Shar-Pei Cross

May 27, 2022

Lily Mae is a 3 year old female Shar-Pei Cross. “I came to SEDR as a welfare case as I was found (presumed dumped) in a pretty horrific state. My nails had grown so long that they had curled back into my pads making walking excruciatingly painful and almost impossible.

I needed immediate surgery where some of the nails were cut back, and some had to be removed completely. My little feet have recovered well and I now love to go on long walks! I also had entropion in both eyes a condition in which the eyelid rolls inward against the eyeball. This was causing me extreme pain and I was barely able to open my eyes.

This has now been corrected with surgery which was a huge success and I can now see well and am pain free! I was also extremely underweight when found and have been steadily piling on some pounds! I absolutely love food and am very food driven during training! Along with the surgeries outlined above, I have also been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

So more about me!! I am an extremely friendly girl with every human I meet! I will expect people in the street to stop and say hello to me I am quite the social butterfly!! I love cuddles and fusses and my little tail doesn’t stop wagging when I meet new people!!

Unfortunately I am not friendly with other dogs, though this may improve with further training and socialisation. On walks I will choose to ignore and walk past dogs most of the time, but I will not tolerate dogs in my personal space. And if a dog shouts at me, I will shout straight back! I am learning to walk nicely on a harness and lead, and I love to go exploring!

I absolutely cannot live with cats or small furries my prey drive would not allow for this! In the home I am a perfect girl (If I do say so myself!) I am house trained, fine to be left for a few hours, non destructive and the perfect cuddly companion! I have shown no signs of guarding around food or toys, I travel well in the car and have been a perfect patient at the vets – even when I was in extreme pain!

As I have no history around children, I am looking for a home with children aged 13 and over. My carers are in awe of how much I love people and how trusting I am given all I have been through, and I am now ready to find a family of my own to smother with endless love and snuggles.” – Quote